Neil Scott

Neil Scott is a UK based designer that creates bespoke furniture for clients around the globe. What characterizes Neil’s approach is his interest in the story of the tree. Through his open acknowledgement of the imperfections in the wood, he cherishes and celebrates the history of each piece and responds to its story and form to create pieces that transport the elegance of nature into the home. The use of wood, metal, glass and resins give the designs a distinctive architectural feel, creating true statement pieces which are as much about touch as aesthetics.

In order to achieve the aesthetic the client was aiming for I’ve worked different visual approaches around the information collected through the application of a questionary. The final result is something that truly answers to all the possible demands from a client perspective as well as supporting the values the brand stands for.

Creative Director, Art Director & Designer
Branding – Online & Offline
Desktop, Mobile & Print collateral

Neil Scott workshop

Some of Neil Scott’s products

Identity logo – primary application

Identity logo – secondary application

Identity logo – secondary application

Stationery brand application

Application on wood

Application on other print collateral


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