By Silke

BY SILKE is the fashion accessory brand from the former Spanish actress Silke. Her products are entirely hand-crafted distinguishing by it’s hand-made process and unique/original designs. The brand characterises itself by it’s bold exclusive collection of Belts, Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces which can be found in different colours and metal finishing. Nevertheless these can be customised and also include small detailed adaptations in order to suit the client’s preferences.
The creation of each one of Silke’s pieces follows a meticulous process in her studio, where she designs and make her entire range. From selecting, cutting and dyeing the leather, to welding and polishing each individual metal piece, every aspect of a BY SILKE creation has been carefully considered.

Over the years BY SILKE has attracted the interest of international shoppers in the world-famous market of Las Dalias in Ibiza. From the island, the brand has grown and can now be found in boutiques in Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan and Amsterdam and looks to expand further outside of Europe in coming years.

I had the opportunity to work closely with the client in order develop the brand and some of it’s main elements. From designing the logo and basic stationery such as business card and product labels, we went on and translated that identity onto BY SILKE’s online presence coming up with it’s first online shop for the client.

Creative Director, Art Director, Designer & Developer
Branding – Online, Offline
Desktop, Mobile, Print Collateral

By Silke in the studio.

Some of By Silke’s products.

Final logo execution.

The business card.

The online shop.

Other executions of the logo.